Access Lock Files

withers withers at
Wed May 26 14:55:33 GMT 1999


	First of all I am using Samba-2.0.4 on a Linux-2.2.5 system.  Just
upgraded from Samba-1.9.18p10.  The problem that I am having is with an
Access mdb file that I have shared on the linux box.  Multiple people need
to access this file at the same time.  This was not a problem until I
upgraded to this newest version of Samba.  The first person does not have
any problem opening the file; however, once the second person tries to open
it they get the error of "Too many active users."  I have tried many
different settings in the smb.conf file.  Even going as far to force a
create mode of 0777.  This still did not work.  I went back to the previous
version, 1.9.18p10, and that fixed the problem.  Has anyone else run into a
problem similar to this and if so does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Melvin Jones
Industrial Infomatics & Instrumentation

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