Strange Probs with SuSE 6.1

Björn Hellmann hellmann at
Wed May 26 15:34:07 GMT 1999

Hi all,

since I upgraded my Linux box to SuSE 6.1 strange errors occur:

- SWAT doesn't work at all neither locally nor remotely 
(Netscape: "network error" ).

- the server doesn't appear on the client's network view but connecting
to a share works fine (shares are configured as browsable, of course)

- during tar'ing files on the SAMBA server via a previously smbmount'ed
client share numerous files got lost. Files on the tape got randomized
time stamps not only over the whole possible UNIX time range but
obviously more since some time stamps were not displayed later on.

I used same SAMBA version (2.0.3 freshly compiled) and smb.conf as
before, /etc/inetd.conf and /etc/services are correct. No error messages
in log.smb and log.nmb.

I tried 2.0.4 with same results.

Linux kernel is 2.2.9.

Does somebody else has a clue what's going on ?



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