About directory permissions

Michal heja at xox.pl
Wed May 12 14:44:31 GMT 1999

Manuel Perez Ayala wrote:
> I'm working with samba 1.9.18p10-7, on a i586 with debian linux v2.1.
> As I know, my current version of samba don't enable the DOS system bit on
> directories. I can set or unset it but this is not reflected as changes on
> the DOS folder attributes.
> Is a problem of my samba version or of my configuration? Is there any
> version that "honour" theses DOS attributes?

The problem is, that samba actually emulates DOS attributes with execute
bit for user, group and others, which is configurable by parameters map
archive, map hidden, map system. However, changing these bits makes
directories unusable (to some extent) :-(
> Is there, perhaps, a registry "hack" of windows95/98 that could enable the
> historial view on folders without the system bit set?

Perhaps, but I am afraid only M$ programmers know anything about it.
> Thanks an advance and excuse my english.

OK ;-) 


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