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Manuel Perez Ayala mayala at unex.es
Wed May 12 10:18:39 GMT 1999

I'm working with samba 1.9.18p10-7, on a i586 with debian linux v2.1.

I'm trying to personalize windows95/98 on a multiuser/shared PC instalation
and I want to include a Historial folder somewhere in the home directory of
every user on a centralized server. This way any user could log on from any
PC (in a classroom for example) an may have their own configuration for the
Internet Explorer, and could access their own Historial files.

I've found a problem with this and samba.
For the Historial folder to work, the DOS system bit of the FOLDER must be
set, because this enable this folder as a Historial folder, and enable the
historial view of its contents (like this system bit enable also the font
view of the fonts folder).
As I know, my current version of samba don't enable the DOS system bit on
directories. I can set or unset it but this is not reflected as changes on
the DOS folder attributes.

Is a problem of my samba version or of my configuration? Is there any
version that "honour" theses DOS attributes?

Is there, perhaps, a registry "hack" of windows95/98 that could enable the
historial view on folders without the system bit set?

Thanks an advance and excuse my english.

P.S: I don't include my samba configuration because may be too large for
this message. I can email you if this may be the problem.

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