Samba only appears in NetWork Neighboorhood for valid users

Nothinman nm666 at
Fri May 7 03:20:27 GMT 1999

I have posted this before and have not recieved a response yet. I have
noticed that when browsing a network and the "Find Computer" NT attempts to
login to machines it finds(probably its way of seeing if its really alive),
this is not a problem for users with valid uname/passwds because it gets in
ok and sees the machine. But when it does not get logged in it does not
always see it. I have the guest accound set to "nobody", is there anything
else that needs to be setup for the guest account?

This is not a huge problem because it is only on a test server and I can
deal with it, but it would be nice to hear from someone else who knows
of/fixed the problem.

Thanks for your time.

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