Security Problem

Wong Ching Kuen Frederick ckwong2 at
Fri May 7 02:54:51 GMT 1999

I have setup a share called data and the strcture is as follows:

/data            777    root    prcedp
|___/peter    755    peter    prcedp
|___/david    755    david    prcedp
|____ .......

All people in the prcedp group can write in the /data and their home directory and read in other people's home directory. However, they can delete other's home directory in 95 Explorer. (though they cannot do that in the host) Can anyone help me to solve this problem?!

I have tried to set /data to 755. However people cannot write to this directory even though they are in the wrie list. I just wonder which one is taken into accounts, unix security or samba security.
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