Slow performance with Win95 client

Cris Wade quade at
Fri May 7 08:52:53 GMT 1999


I am new to this list, but I have been having problems with samba for some
time now.  Here is the problem When my Win95 clients access the samba
server I get real slow transfers, even if I only have one client accessing
the server.  It transfers at like 70k/s to 150k/s, and the collision
lights on the hub start going crazy. even for 10 megabit networking, this
is rather slow. (it takes like 3 minutes to transfer a 5meg file) Here is
the strange part. if I mount a remote share on the Samba server (Linux
2.2.5) using smbmount, and copy from the remote
shhare to a local disk, I get transfer rates at about 7000k/s to 9000k/s.
I get these results if I copy a file ether to or from the remote share.
This indicates that there is nothhing wrong with the network cards or hub.
also there are very few collisions.  

Well, here are the specs for my server system, and the client

Linux server
	Linux 2.2.5 based on Slackware 3.6 distro
	PII 300 with 64 Meg RAM
	Buslogic SCSI controler with 7200RPM 9.1 G IBM disk
	Intel Etherexpress Pro + 10/100 (Intel 82557)
	Samba 2.0.3

Win 95 Client
	Celeron 300A with 64Meg RAM
	7200 RPM IDE disk using standard GX chipset IDE controler
	3Com 905b TX 10/100 NIC with v4.1 of the 3com drivers
	TCP/IP is the only protocal installed currently, although I also
	tried with the NETBEUI protocal installed, but there was no

The hub is just a generic 10baseT 8 port HUB.  I get good transfer rates
using FTP or SMBFS on the server to transfer files.

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