How to install network apps?

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Thu May 6 04:33:35 GMT 1999

On Wed, 5 May 1999, Bill Eldridge wrote:

Although this may be closing the door afterwards in your case, the typical
method at my place of employ is to create an image with all the network
apps already installed and then remove the the binary package and data
files. This will leave an image with .dll's and registry entries ready to
run although it may require some tweaking of file associations especially
to avoid calling the nonexistent app from the local drive. This image is
then deployed either via a ghosted CD or a network install to all client
computers. When the app is called from the network it then has all the
resources available locally with a minimum of clutter. This can also be
deployed via a case by case basis using a script that installs and then
deletes the app via the network the first time the netapp is called from
the client - although this a slightly messier method it does allow on the
fly implementation of new applications - it also requires fairly extensive
testing and a lot of bandwidth...

+>I'm trying to figure out an
+>intelligent way to install
+>apps on the network server,
+>and be able to install once
+>and have all the clients use
+>this.  However, it seems
+>like most installations modify
+>the registry and seem to
+>demand a client-by-client installation.
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