How to install network apps?

Jorge Gonzalez Villalonga jorgegv at
Wed May 5 13:02:17 GMT 1999

"M.Sapsed" wrote:
> Bill Eldridge wrote:
> >
> > I'm trying to figure out an
> > intelligent way to install
> > apps on the network server,
> > and be able to install once
> > and have all the clients use
> > this.  However, it seems
> > like most installations modify
> > the registry and seem to
> > demand a client-by-client installation.
> >
> > Am I missing something on this?
> > Can someone provide me some hints
> > or references to help this?
> Welcome to the bane of my life! You aren't missing anything. Most
> applications are written on the basis that you will install them on every
> machine. Some are written so you can install on a network server and then
> do a client install on every machine. Very few are written such that you
> can install them on a network server and they will just work on a client.

I think it's the bane of _anyone_  who has to administer Windows
machines, in any of its flavors. It happens when you have to stick a
Personal PC philosophy into a Network PC environment.

The BIG IDIOT in Redmond thinks (contrary to everyone with a bit of a
network-admin-heart) that everything should be in local, and the EVEN
BIGGER IDIOTS that do programming for serious software companies do what
he says. Amazing. I'm really fed up with applications that demand things
like "Sorry I need to write in the installation directory when used
normally", or even "Sorry, I need write permissions in root directory of
C:" (this last example comes from Adobe Premiere). Blame the

If I had (someday) to program something for Windows, I'd take good care
to a) never use the registry or use something that uses it, in my
program; and b) link my program statically, so that I'm assured that my
program won't break when the (l)user who installed it has installed
another program (totally unrelated to mine) that decided it was time to
"update" some system DLL.

I'm gonna stop writing because the more I write about it, the angrier I

Thank you for your patience. ;-D


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