Drive mappings across dial-up VPN

Huckeby, Rex rhuckeby at
Fri Jun 25 21:13:24 GMT 1999

Hi all, I hope some one can help with a problem I'm having. I have a test
box w/2.0.4b running on top of Redhat 5.2 it works great on the local
network. It works across our T1 WAN links. I can even dial in using the RAS
server on one of my NT boxes. The problem comes in when I try using an ISP
and a VPN tunnel ( it works without the VPN if I put the box outside the
firewall ) , after about 4 minutes I get the messages " The specified
resource is not available. The computer that shared the resource might have
been turned off................." I can map to any of the NT servers but not
any of my Linux/AIX boxes.  The lmhost file on the PC is setup with the
DOMAIN and the 0x1b pre loaded into memory.  I see the request for a
connection in the log files, but then it tells me closing idle connection
(long before the above message on the client PC). I can trick the thing into
working by bringing up the VPN tunnel then going in and changing the WINS
server address to one on my side of the tunnel, but that is to much to ask
of most end users.  
I guess my question is why will it not work with just a lmhost file. 
Rex Huckeby
System Administrator
Griffin Memorial Hospital

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