Samba and NT4-sp5 problems ??

William Jojo jojowil at
Wed Jun 23 12:40:16 GMT 1999


We are running AIX 4.3.2 on a couple of H50's with 2.0.4b and have not
encountered any corruption as you have explained. We also have a few apps
running within this setup that do some writing back to the server and have not
experienced it there either. (This is not to say, however, that there isn't a
real problem here)

If after upgrading to 2.0.4b you still have problems, I would recommend the

If you have X and fixdist, I would recommend goign to IBM's site and downloading
the latest patches for your filesets (lslpp -l bos.* & lslpp -l devices.*). Also
check your microcode levels for your controllers and disk drives at

I only mention this because we're running 40+ SSA drives in 2 loops and know of
some potential corruption conditions if microcode levels are not right.

Just some thoughts....


Stuart Young wrote:
> We were using Samba 2.0.2 and Windows NT4-sp3 quite happily.. however
> someone wants to use sp5 (get me a large caliber rifle, PLEASE!!), and
> during some testing we noticed what 'looks like' file corruption problems.
> Files do not seem to get written to the samba shares properly/completely...
> I say looks like, because copying the files manually seems to be fine, but
> when done within an app, they seem to be getting mangled. Could be an app
> problem, but since we wrote the app, and we've fiddled with it a bit, we
> can't see that it's doing anything wrong.
> Will upgrading to Samba 2.0.4b (or whatever the latest is today) fix this
> problem? Is it a known bug? The samba platform is AIX 4.3.2 (233mHz PPC
> 604e) and we're using IBM's own compiler. TCP based programs seem to work
> fine between the 2 machines, so I doubt we're experiencing some sort of NT
> mangling of the packets, but then again, you never know with a closed
> source product, do you?
> Note: I have heard that NT4-sp5 hates non-Microsoft applications, so mebbe
> we're experiencing this problem and samba has nothing to do with it..
> *sigh* The sooner NT passes away in my sleep, the better.


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