problem setting up samba

Ng Koon Book kbng at
Wed Jun 23 10:12:09 GMT 1999


Current Situation:

1) installed samba-2.0.4a on SUN machine running Solaris 7
2) PC clients run Win95
3) testparm test was successful
4) server & clients can ping each other
5) smbclient -L server gives the list of shares avail
6) nmblookup tests confirm nmbd working fine
7) can use smbclient to access the share on a unix box
8) can map the share to a drive

But the problem is that i can only see the directories & files
at the uppermost level. When I tried to access them, it complained
that they do not exist. The dir/file permissions on samba server
were correct (o+rx). Hope u can enlighten me on where could I go

THanks in advance,
Koon Book

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