Samba and NT4-sp5 problems ??

Stuart Young sgy at
Wed Jun 23 08:56:31 GMT 1999

We were using Samba 2.0.2 and Windows NT4-sp3 quite happily.. however
someone wants to use sp5 (get me a large caliber rifle, PLEASE!!), and
during some testing we noticed what 'looks like' file corruption problems.
Files do not seem to get written to the samba shares properly/completely...
I say looks like, because copying the files manually seems to be fine, but
when done within an app, they seem to be getting mangled. Could be an app
problem, but since we wrote the app, and we've fiddled with it a bit, we
can't see that it's doing anything wrong.

Will upgrading to Samba 2.0.4b (or whatever the latest is today) fix this
problem? Is it a known bug? The samba platform is AIX 4.3.2 (233mHz PPC
604e) and we're using IBM's own compiler. TCP based programs seem to work
fine between the 2 machines, so I doubt we're experiencing some sort of NT
mangling of the packets, but then again, you never know with a closed
source product, do you?

Note: I have heard that NT4-sp5 hates non-Microsoft applications, so mebbe
we're experiencing this problem and samba has nothing to do with it..
*sigh* The sooner NT passes away in my sleep, the better.

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