Problems when receiving messages

L. Marcel BARRERO M. barrero at
Tue Jun 15 13:54:57 GMT 1999


  I just downloaded, compiled and installed the latest version of samba,
to avoid version reasons to my problem.

  It is with send/receive winpopup style messages. When sending everything
works fine, windows computers in my network can read all I send them.

  The problem is when I receive the messages. Simply I can't.

  First I enabled samba to receive the messages by adding the message
command line to my smb.conf file.

  I tested the conf by sending a message to myself, everithing runs ok.

  i tested by sending a message to a Wondows box, and they received it.

  The problem beguns when they try to answer me. My computer is a linux
one. The netbios name is linux and they can connect to shared ressources
using that name as the computer name.

  When they receive the message, it seems to came from a user called
"barrero" (my user name in that unix box where I'm testing samba).

  I tried to reply to that message and can't be done. Tried using the
computer name... nothing happened.

  Does anybody have any idea on what to try now? If the configuration
works, I should be able to use LinPopup as my front end. By now it's only
useful to send messages and not to receive  :-(

   Thanks in advance.



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