Inheritage of user rights

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Tue Jun 15 12:31:26 GMT 1999

Hi Rainer,

use the "create mask" in the share definition.
It works like umask.

Hope it helps...

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our six W95-clients have access to our Samba 1.9x Server. For the special
directory in question, everybody (owner, group members and other) has full
rights (drwxrwxrwx or 777).

Now the problem: every user stores files and directories in that main
directory. Unfortunately, ony the owner has full rights, not esp. the other
group members (-rwxr-xr-x). To change the rights by hand is usless (approx.
over 100 files a day). Group members must have full access to the files (the
have to change them).

So, there is my question: is it possible to inherit the main-directory
rights to every single file and directory to be placed in that main

Any clues?
Thanks (pardon my English)


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