Time Out's - Samba to Win95/98

Kevyn Macleod megashub at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 7 05:43:01 GMT 1999

cI'm New to the list.

I've been beating at Samba (the one shipped with redhat 5.2) for days

I can get the server to show up in network neighborhood

I can ping it.

If I wait long enough (few minutes) I can finally get it to respond to both ftp and telnets.

it's on a 10base-t cat5 configuration with just the server and the one w95 creating traffic.

If I double click the server name in Network Neigh. it hourglasses and sits for about 3 minutes
and says "Network Too Busy"

If I go to a run box and use either it's IP address or the server name itself (fully qualified) it
comes back in the same ammount of time: "An Extended Error has occured."

I've read multiple journals, howto's, speed.txt's, mail list archived messages, and made some of
their recommended changes all to no avail. 

If any of you would be so kind as to help me, please just tell me what other info you need and
I'll provide it. 

for fast email responses, email me directly at megashub at yahoo.com, thanks for any help any of you
can provide!

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