Error Messages on Terminal

Stephen L Arnold sarnold at
Mon Jun 7 01:50:04 GMT 1999

On 7 Jun 99, Ken Walker <kwalker at> had questions about 
Error Messages on Terminal:  

> On the linux machine where samba is running, when I am in a text based
> terminal (doesn't show in KDE) I get various nmbd messages scrolling
> across my screen, messages that look like nmbd doing its thing.  I would
> think that these should be going to a log file instead of on to the
> screen. where they display right over top of midnight commmander.  They
> disappear when I type "clear".

Check /etc/syslog.conf and see where daemon and kernel messages are 
going (ie, /dev/console, /var/log/messages, etc).  If there's only 
kernel messages going to the console, then try turning down the 
debug level of nmbd.  Are you running the latest RH6 rpm of samba 
2.0.4, or did you compile it yourself?  Maybe something is hinky in 
the makefile?


Steve Arnold  CLE (Certifiable Linux Evangelist)

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