Time Out's - Samba to Win95/98

Benjamin Scott bscott at hamptonsys.com
Tue Jun 8 12:45:48 GMT 1999

On Sun, 6 Jun 1999, Kevyn Macleod wrote:
> I can ping it.
> If I wait long enough (few minutes) I can finally get it to respond to
> both ftp and telnets.

  If your standard Internet protocols are not working, you can bet Samba isn't
going to work, either.  Something is likely wrong with IP, and Samba depends
on IP.  Fix IP first.  (It is remotely possible that the two problems are
unrelated, but one of the first rules of trouble-shooting is to establish a
known good.)

  I have seen a bad network card cause a situation where ping will work but
anything more sophisticated failed; it had to do with packet size.  Try
something like:

	ping -l 10000 server		(from a Win95 host)
	ping -s 10000 server		(from a Linux host)

  You might also check for things like reverse DNS, identd, tcp wrappers, and
that sort of thing getting in the way.

  Hope this helps.

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