Password problem with Win95 not remembering

Stephen L Arnold sarnold at
Sat Jun 5 05:02:47 GMT 1999

On 5 Jun 99, craig heading <tasdevil at> had questions 
about Password problem with Win95 not remembering:  

> Anyone know why this is happening and how to rectify it? its driving me
> crazy entering 3 passwords every time i turn the computer on (1 x novell
> and 2 samba shares).

Well, the obvious answer is that windoze is brain-dead.  Seriously, 
it tends to get "confused" with multiple protocols and a single 
adapter.  It also gets confused with a single protocol and multiple 
adapters (though not as much).  These problems are due to the way 
things are defined in the registry (and other windoze design flaws) 
and cannot be changed.

Your setup (with multiple protocols *and* multiple adapters) is 
really pushing the envelope.  I would normally say get rid of 
NetBlooie and use TCP/IP, but in your case that might make things 

Have you applied the windoze system updates?  You could also try 
removing the network components (except the network adapters) and 
re-installing them.

If that doesn't help, I would make the passwords the same and live 
with it.

Not being very helpful today, Steve

Steve Arnold  CLE (Certifiable Linux Evangelist)

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