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On 5 Jun 99, Peter Nikolic <peten at> had questions about 
Samba configs:  

> Hi   Name is Pete

> Now i can see plenty of stuff about using samba to connect to a
> win95 box but  i need to setup athe Linux box to File Serve to  2
> Win98 boxes , and i can not find a defiative answer to things
> like do i need to run Tcp/Ip on the 98 boxes or Netbui or is the
> choice mine  ..# 

NetBlooie is a worthless piece of crap IMHO (and way too chatty on 
the network).  Just install TCP/IP and make sure the little box is 
checked for NetBIOS over TCP/IP.  Also, you will need to add the 
PlainTextPassword reg hack to the win98 clients (unless you run 
samba with encrypted passwords).  If you're new to linux and/or 
networking stuff, then I'd suggest starting without encryption, 
then adding it later.  Also, if your win98 NetBIOS (host) names are 
different than the samba username logging in from that station, 
then you'll need to map the names in the smbusers file.  I'd also 
suggest letting samba be your master browser and WINS server 
(forget about lmhosts files), and set this:

name resolve order = WINS bcast

You can use lmhosts if you wish (instead of WINS) but don't let 
samba use DNS to resolve names (unless you *really* know DNS/Bind).


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