Unwanted Browselists

Jim Watt jimw at pe-nelson.com
Sat Jun 5 02:09:26 GMT 1999

--On 6/5/99, 10:33 AM +1000 Michel wrote:

} I've also asked the question before, and did get an answer; it basically
} came down to hacking some of the code that makes up the browselist and 
} apply some filtering there... I tried to look into this but discovered that
} it was gonna take me quite some puzzling and never got to it and hoped that
} someone else would pick up the matter =)
} Ofcourse, it would only work when the samba server wins the elections and
} is the master browser.

I suppose you could try using NetBIOS scopes.  From the nmbd manpage:

}        -i scope
}               This  specifies  a NetBIOS scope that nmbd will use
}               to communicate with when generating NetBIOS  names.
}               For  details  on  the  use  of  NetBIOS scopes, see
}               rfc1001.txt and  rfc1002.txt.  NetBIOS  scopes  are
}               very  rarely  used,  only set this parameter if you
}               are the system administrator in charge of  all  the
}               NetBIOS systems you communicate with.

The clients you want to appear in the browselist would need to
be using the same scope.  Never tried it...but it does exist.

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