Unwanted Browselists

Michel michel at nyenrode.nl
Fri Jun 4 11:13:58 GMT 1999

I've also asked the question before, and did get an answer; it basically
came down to hacking some of the code that makes up the browselist and 
apply some filtering there... I tried to look into this but discovered that
it was gonna take me quite some puzzling and never got to it and hoped that
someone else would pick up the matter =)

Ofcourse, it would only work when the samba server wins the elections and
is the master browser.

 Michel van der Laan	-	michel at nijenrode.nl
In your mail from 2-6-1999 you write:
> >Is there a way to prevent browselists from machines other than those 
> >of my choosing to show up in the browselists/network neighbourhood? 
> > 
> >I don't want win95 clients that offer shares themselves to show up 
> >in the network neighbourhood. 
> I've asked the same question in the samba list some while ago, but no
> one answered.
> Have you gotten anywhere with this? It would be a great feature, to be
> able to clean up those browse lists, to only show 'official' servers...
> Tom.
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