Permissions issue

Charles Homan charles at
Tue Jul 27 17:50:00 GMT 1999

>With regard to NT, you can use file/directory permissions to limit access
>to specific directories below a sharepoint. The connecting user would
>still be able to see the list of directories, but they could not access
>directories that they did not have permission to. Quite different and
>possibly confusing to someone coming from Unix to NT. I don't know - I
>learned NT first!

Hmm, what I'm trying to do is a little more complicated than just "this is
the furthest down the tree you can go".  I want to hide the file names from
simple browsing, but still have the ability to read the files if I already
know the names.  Kind of like the hidden attribute, but without the ability
for a non-owner to ever see the file names.

Can NT do that?  My research seems to show that it cannot, and that to be
able to read a file in NT, you must be able to see its name.  Disappointing.
:( Can anyone confirm or deny that that is the case?

Thanks again!

Charles Homan
Sr. Systems & Network Administrator
Opus Telecom LLC

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