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John J. LeMay Jr. jlemay at
Tue Jul 27 16:07:17 GMT 1999

With regard to NT, you can use file/directory permissions to limit access
to specific directories below a sharepoint. The connecting user would
still be able to see the list of directories, but they could not access
directories that they did not have permission to. Quite different and
possibly confusing to someone coming from Unix to NT. I don't know - I
learned NT first!

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On Wed, 28 Jul 1999, Charles Homan wrote:

> Greetings:
> I couldn't find this one in the archive:
> What we want to do here is make it so a non-owning user can map a drive, but
> not see anything below the top level.  However, if they know the exact
> pathname to a file, they should be able to open it.  In Unix, we do this
> with file permissions like:
> drwx--x--x  foo
> drwx--x--x  foo/bar
> -rwxr--r--  foo/bar/foobar
> So the owner can do anything with either of the directories or the file
> foobar, but anyone else can only directly open the file foobar (if they know
> it is there) by doing something like "cat foo/bar/foobar".  They can from
> the directory above foo see, and cd to, "foo", but if they do an "ls" they
> won't see anything.
> However, when I shared up this directory structure with samba, I am not
> allowed to do something like "type foo\bar\foobar" - it gives a "permission
> denied" error.
> Am I missing something?  Is this behavior possible to replicate in NT?  If
> so, how do I get samba to do it?
> Thanks!
> /charles
> Charles Homan
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