Samba 2.0.5a problems

Craig Huckabee huck at
Fri Jul 23 14:36:14 GMT 1999

 I've been trying to run 2.0.5a and I've run into a show stopper problem.
 When I try to start smbd and nmbd I get the following error message
 in the log files (this example from log.smb) :

[1999/07/23 09:00:19, 1] ../samba-2.0.5/source/smbd/server.c:main(628)
  smbd version 2.0.5a started.
  Copyright Andrew Tridgell 1992-1998
[1999/07/23 09:00:19, 0] ../samba-2.0.5/source/lib/pidfile.c:pidfile_create(99)
   ERROR: smbd : fcntl lock of file /tmp/samba/ failed. Error was No
   such process

 *But*, that file and directory do exist (both and are there
 as 0 byte files).  

 I get a similar error for both processes.  There were no unusual errors or
 warnings during the build (I used gcc) and these same servers are happily
 running 2.0.4b right now.  Each server is running Solaris 2.6 (either X86
 or SPARC).

 A quick search of the archives shows someone else had this same problem on 
 HPUX (I think when the 2.x line of SAMBA was still in beta) but I couldn't
 find any responses to his post.

 Has anyone else seen this problem ?  


 PS  Another strange factoid - while using 'testparm' to debug this problem
 I found that the new security mask parameters had some weird defaults (like
 0377777777).  I explicitly set them in my smb.conf in case that was a problem
 but it made no difference.

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