Samba and Quickbooks

Rickey Bell RickeyBell at TechnicalSolutionsSC.Com
Fri Jul 23 12:29:25 GMT 1999

I have a server (LWEB) with a share of a directory (TSI). I copied all =
my quickbooks data files to the directory (from a NT server) and executed =
> a chmod 777 with recursive on directory. I assigned multiple people =
> permissions to the share. When one person opens the file in multi-user =
> mode (the way to do it on NT) it does fine and is much quicker. But, =
> when a second person tries to open the file the Quickbooks program on =
> their computer locks down, or gives a corrupt message. Everything works =
> fine on NT if the files are copied back to it. It sounds like there is a =
> problem having multiple persons opening a single file on the linux box. =
> Is it like a timeshare problem or what. The server (LWEB) is a Red Hat =
> 6.0 with the standard Samba from the disk. The workstations are an array =
> of 98 & NT Workstations.

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