Shares are comming and going

Ries van Twisk rvt at
Thu Jul 22 14:06:37 GMT 1999

I have a problem using the %G parameter.
At the end if my smb.conf file I have something like:
include = \etc\smb.conf.%G

At this way I hoped that according the the group, I can 
load a configuration file accoring the the users group.

Instead that a '' group is loaded, a 
samba tries to load 'smb.conf.nogroup' 
(guest account is uid=nobody gid=nogroup)

WHat I did was that I added the file 'smb.conf.nogroup'
with the following settings:
  Comment = Debugging.... %U %G

In my browselist (Win95) I see a share created as follow:
Test       Debugging.... Ries it

You See, -> it <- instead of nogroup!
How is it posible that 'smb.conf.nogroup' was loaded in the first place?

But the strange thing is I can go to explorer at typ \\servername\it, and
then I see all my files!

If I'm in explorer hitting F5, then the shares are dissapearing, If I wait a 
few secconds (5-10sec) and hit F5 again, then they are back, If I press
F5 again directly they are dissapearing again.

I'm Using Debian 2.1 (2.0.36 kernel, and samba version 1.9.18p10)
Any clues here?

Best Regards,
Ries van Twisk

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