Wincenter 3.1.13/Winframe 1.7 - ACLs:

Hanns-Peter Ermert Hanns-Peter.Ermert at
Thu Jul 22 15:07:24 GMT 1999

Hello all,

I am running samba-2.0.5a  on a sparc ultra-4 and try to see the
security information in Wincenter. The result is always "The parameter
is incorrect" . If I access the same files from an NT 4.0 Box I can see
the security information.
Any idea ?

Thanks Peter

IT, WinCenter Support .
Ing. Buero Ermert, Dipl. Inform Hanns-Peter Ermert
email: Hanns-Peter.Ermert at / Alcatel SEL AG,ZNBIT
12099 Berlin,Colditzstrasse 34-36,Tel:+49-30-7002-4766/4788

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