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I have a server (LWEB) with a share of a directory (TSI). I copied all my qiuckbooks data files to the directory (from a NT server) and excuted a chmod 777 with recersive on directory. I assigned multiple people permissions to the share. When one person opens the file in multiuser mode (the way to do it on NT) it does fine and is much quicker. But, when a second person tries to open the file the Quickbooks program on their computer locks down, or gives a corrupt message. Everything works fine on NT if the files are copied back to it. It sounds like there is a problem having multiple persons opening a single file on the linux box. Is it like a timeshare problem or what. The server (LWEB) is a Red Hat 6.0 with the standard Samba from the disk. The workstations are an array of 98 & NT Workstations.

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