Horrible smbmount problem

Urban Widmark urban at svenskatest.se
Tue Jul 20 12:02:42 GMT 1999

On Tue, 20 Jul 1999, Jonathan Kelly wrote:

> Hello,
> 	I have a problem with smbmount between two Linux (both: RH 6.0,
> kernel 2.2.9, samba 2.0.4c) boxes. When I use smbmount, the share loads and
> I can read files just fine, but when I copy ("cp file") to the share, the
> first 512 bytes of the file are copied and then the copy just freezes there.

The problem is not with smbmount since the share gets mounted, it is most
likely with smbfs and in the kernel.

Have you applied any knfsd/v3 patches? There was some smbfs related
problems with Trond's (earlier?) v3 patches, that had exactly these


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