Horrible smbmount problem

Jonathan Kelly j.kelly at julien.ca
Mon Jul 19 21:49:59 GMT 1999


	I have a problem with smbmount between two Linux (both: RH 6.0,
kernel 2.2.9, samba 2.0.4c) boxes. When I use smbmount, the share loads and
I can read files just fine, but when I copy ("cp file") to the share, the
first 512 bytes of the file are copied and then the copy just freezes there.
Trying several times to kill -9 the process didn't work. I had to reboot the
server. Now I tried both the smbmount included in samba 2.0.5-pre3 and in
smbfs-2.0.4b-19990519.i386.rpm on the samba ftp site. Both had the same

Here's what the console says on the client site :

kernel: SMBFS: Win 95 bug fixes enabled
kernel: smb_get_length: recv error = 5
kernel: smb_request: result -5, setting invalid
kernel: smb_retry: new pid=5039, generation=2

Suggestions? Should I abandon SMB in disgust and adopt NFS? :-)


Jonathan Kelly 
Systems Analyst
Julien Inc. 
j.kelly at julien.ca
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