hosts allow/deny not working correctly

Stephen L Arnold arnold.steve at
Mon Jul 19 22:34:41 GMT 1999

When the world was young, "M. Tyson Bigler" <bigler at> 
carved some runes like this:  

> > > I am having difficult getting the hosts allow/deny to work with IP
> > > ranges or netmasks.  Ideally I would prefer to use the IP/Netmask
> > > method, e.g., because we have a flat ATM
> > > network with multiple class C's (netmask is really 
> > > This, however, doesn't work!! I can't do 111.22.33. either...  I can't
> > > even do specific IP's, e.g. but I CAN do hostnames (e.g.
> > > myhost).
> > [snip]

And then he said:

> Yes, Solaris has the same type of hosts.[allow|deny], but
> there's nothing in there for the smbd/nmbd (I am, however,
> restricting rsh, rlogin, telnet, and ftp).  Plus, best I
> remember, when I had Samba on a test server I had the same
> problem and it didn't have the allow|deny files... 

It must be related to some name resolution problem (best guess).  
How are you resolving DNS/NetBIOS names now?  You could try 
changing the name resolve order in the smb.conf file.  Even if you 
use WINS (on samba or NT), samba seems to like to look in its own 
lmhosts file.  You could try putting one on the samba box and see 
what happens. HTH.


Stephen L Arnold            
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