cannot access samba from WfWg running trumpet winsock

Stephen L Arnold arnold.steve at
Mon Jul 19 22:34:41 GMT 1999

When the world was young, Manuel Wolfshant <wolfy at> 
carved some runes like this:  

> Here is my problem: I have installed RedHat Linux version 6.0 on
> a computer and I want to share its resources via samba.
> Unfortunately, my computer - which is running WfWg 3.11 for
> Eastern Europe and the trumpet winsock TCP/IP stack is not able
> to see the samba server. Other computers, running Win95, Linux
> and WfWg with M$ TCP/IP stack perform OK. 

> I have tried the following combinations:
> - samba-2.0.3 from the RH distribution and samba-2.0.4 from
>, on the Linux box
> - trumpet version 2 and version 3.0d on the Windows machine

> I also tried to tweak the smb.conf file but I had no success.
> Now, I know that one solution would be to replace trumpet;
> however M$ stack seems to break all other clients on the computer
> (including CuteFtp & Netscape which work just fine with trumpet). 

It's been a *long* time since I used Trumpet (sure you can't just 
bail WfWG?) but if I recall, the Trumpet stack only supports the 
winsock.dll for dialup connections by default.  According to the 
readme, you can use it for TCP/IP over a LAN, but you need to load 
the NIC packet drivers.  You may have to download the old Crynwr 
packet driver package; I'm not sure if it comes with the Trumpet 
winsock package or not.  Good Luck.


Stephen L Arnold            
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