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Brian Salter-Duke b_duke at
Tue Jul 20 06:05:56 GMT 1999

A few days ago I send a message titled "A samba question or a mutt question".
I got a few repies but they suggested wide work-arounds to the problem. I
have done some more work and it is clear it is not anything to do with
the mail side of what I was trying. The question or problem I have is
essentially this:-

How do you double click on a MS Word icon to bring the document into
MS Word when the Word file is on a samba share to a unix machine either
in a tmp share or my home share?

I have samba on two unix machines and with a Windows 95 box these make
up my workgroup. Firing up Word in this way works fine from one unix
machine (a DEC alpha) but fails from the other (a IBM RS6000). The 
failure brings up Word but does not open the document. The error box 
says "Word cannot open the document K:\file.doc" and in the top bar of 
the error window it says "Microsoft Word Err=1025".  It is Word 6 I am
using. Now we have Word on dozens of machines and would think we had a 
manual around somewhere, but no - I've been looking for one for 2 days.

Does anyone know what error 1025 is? It might throw some light on the
problem. Apart from that does anyone have any other thoughts?

Excel files do exactly the same. They work on Dec alpha and fail on
RS6000. However html files and files with extension for a browser
pluggin fire up internet explorer and display fine. If I click on a 
*.txt file on the RS6000 share, it asks me for an application and if 
I select MS Word it works fine. It is just the *.doc and *.xls files 
that fail and then only in the RS6000 case. I can see no relevent 
differences between the two machines.

It would be nice to have this working.

Regards, Brian.
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