Digital UNIX - root authentication for SWAT

Chris Hoogendyk choogend at
Thu Jul 15 17:20:59 GMT 1999

> We have installed versions (1.9.18 and 2.0.3) of Samba successfully on AIX
> based servers without any problems.
> We are now trying to install Samba v2.0.4b onto a Digital UNIX 4.0d server.
> Everthing has installed correctly.  Shares can be created through editing
> the smb.conf file and then accessed correctly through our NT network as
> desired.
> The problem we have is using the SWAT interface.  We can use SWAT
> successfully when we connect through a non-root user to view information.
> If we connect using the 'root' user, we get an 'Authentication Denied'
> message.
> This appears to be specific to the way root security is set up on a Digital
> UNIX system.  Has anyone found a solution?
> All help will be gladly received.
> Andrew Watkins
> Cummins Engine Company
> Darlington
> England
> Europe

my gut reaction would be to leave it alone and just vi smb.conf.

allowing root access from a network connection is a security risk. your
Digital Unix system is configured to protect that. if you need root from
a telnet session, you can su to root. with SWAT, I think you are just
stuck, unless you want lax security.

if the file /etc/default/login contains the line CONSOLE=/dev/console,
then root logins are restricted to the console. rather than remove that
line from your Digital Unix systems, I would add it to your other
systems for security purposes.

my 2 cents.


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