Digital UNIX - root authentication for SWAT

Andrew R Watkins Andrew.R.Watkins at
Thu Jul 15 15:39:42 GMT 1999

We have installed versions (1.9.18 and 2.0.3) of Samba successfully on AIX
based servers without any problems.

We are now trying to install Samba v2.0.4b onto a Digital UNIX 4.0d server.
Everthing has installed correctly.  Shares can be created through editing
the smb.conf file and then accessed correctly through our NT network as

The problem we have is using the SWAT interface.  We can use SWAT
successfully when we connect through a non-root user to view information.

If we connect using the 'root' user, we get an 'Authentication Denied'

This appears to be specific to the way root security is set up on a Digital
UNIX system.  Has anyone found a solution?

All help will be gladly received.

Andrew Watkins
Cummins Engine Company

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