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Thu Jul 15 09:24:59 GMT 1999

Dear Experts,

I have a problem with SAMBA version 2.0.3 and older. After a few hours
of normal operation the workstation disappears from the browserlist but
the printing function works normal an I can make a manual connection
with the windows-explorer. After a reboot for one or two hours again
I can see the workstation normal in the windows explorer.

My workstation gives the errormessage:
-svcudp_create - cannot getsockname Bad file number
-couldn't create SGI's mount TCP transport
-svcudp_create - cannot getsockname or listen 
    Socket operation on non-socket
-couldn't create SGI's mount UDP Transport

But I am not a UNXI-Expert enough to find out what is wrong. I have
tested several options in the configfile ../lib/smb.conf but it don't
works correct and no one can help me with this problem.

My Workstation: SGI INDY IP22 with System Version IRIX 6.5.2

Have you maybe an answer or a tip?

Sincerely Holger Meyer

PS: Sorry for that bad english, I am not native english
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