Cannot login to swat on some versions of Digital Unix (Tru64 Unix)

c.j.bol bol at
Thu Jul 15 09:20:43 GMT 1999

Dear list, I searched the digests for this problem but could not get an

The problem is:
After upgrading  all our machines from 1.9.17p2 to 2.0.4b some versions
of Digital Unix (Osf1, Tru64 Unix) refuse to login the webadmin with the
message: "Authorization failed. Retry?".
Connecting to shares with username/passwd works fine.

Here are the results for the different sambaservers:

Version  BCD/C2   Login
4.0      BCD      No
4.0B     BCD      No
4.0D     C2       Yes
4.0E     C2       Yes
4.0F     C2       Yes

Any hints??

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