hosts allow/deny not working correctly in 2.0.3 or 2.0.4b

M. Tyson Bigler bigler at
Wed Jul 14 20:09:01 GMT 1999

I am having difficult getting the hosts allow/deny to work with IP ranges or
netmasks.  Ideally I would prefer to use the IP/Netmask method, e.g., because we have a flat ATM network with multiple
class C's (netmask is really  This, however, doesn't work!! 
I can't do 111.22.33. either...  I can't even do specific IP's, e.g. but I CAN do hostnames (e.g. myhost).

What could I possibly have wrong??  Everything else seems to work, and we've
been using it in a production environment for about two months.  Details are:

Solaris 7.0  (soon to be bumped back down to 2.6 due to file read-induced CPU
Samba 2.0.3  (compiled with gcc, if it matters)
Domain security (Samba joined the domain, but I have to HUP the nmbd process
to keep
                 the entry alive in WINS -- what's up with that??!!)

testparm shows everything's okay until I add IP/netmask entries and then it's
_always_ denied!!

Please help!!


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