Configuring samba server and Win95 client

Stephen L Arnold sarnold at
Wed Jul 14 16:11:28 GMT 1999

On 14 Jul 99, "Bindingnavile, Vinuthananda (CTS)" had questions 
about Configuring samba server and Win95 client:  

> Hi, I think this is a very simple situation but I need help in
> this matter asap. I have a linux m/c running samba-2.0.2. This is
> on a n/w controlled by a Win NT PDS. But I don't want Win NT to
> do the login authentication. So i've configured samba to act as a
> file server doing the login checking but i've not included it in
> the NT domain. Is this correct? And if so how do I configure my
> Win 95 clients to access the samba server so that it does the
> passwd verification and not the NT server. Waiting for an answer
> soon. Thanx in adv for any solutions. 

I think it should work in either share level or server level 
security.  The former would require them to enter a password for 
each share, the latter would allow access to all shares with one 
password.  Put the samba server in the same workgroup as the win95 
users.  If you can, use the same usernames on the samba box as the 
NT server.  If they have the same passwords as their NT accounts, 
they should have immediate access to samba when they do the windows 
network login.  If the win95 machines have their own NetBIOS names 
(ie, different than their user's usernames, then you must map each 
samba (unix) account name to the NetBIOS name of the machine(s) 
they login from (in the smbusers file).  Just point the samba box 
at the WINS server (unless you want samba to do it).

That should do it (don't forget to read the Browsing.txt and other 
docs).  Steve

Steve Arnold  CLE (Certifiable Linux Evangelist)

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