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Stephen L Arnold sarnold at
Wed Jul 14 16:01:35 GMT 1999

On 14 Jul 99, Dave Lawson <DAVELA at> had questions about 
smbpasswd problem:  

> smbpasswd does not work for non root users in 1.9.18p10. I get
> the message: "smbpasswd: machine rejected the session
> request. Error was : code 131" 
> smbpasswd works fine under root, permissions on the directory
> containing the smbpasswd file are dr-xr-S-- root   system
> permissions on the smbpasswd file are -rw-------   root  staff 
> Do I need to change permissions on the file or directory or
> something else? 

Try setting "unix passwd sync" to true, and let them change 
passwords from a windoze client.


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