2.0.4b: logrotate problems with rh60

Stephen L Arnold arnold.steve at ensco.com
Wed Jul 14 00:21:20 GMT 1999

When the world was young, giulioo at tiscalinet.it (Giulio Orsero) 
carved some runes like this:   

> > Logrotate runs as one of the cron.daily jobs (check logrotate.conf,
> > /etc/logrotate.d, crontab).  I think it runs in the wee hours of
> > the morning (but you can change it to anything you want).

> Since some of my customers shut down the machine during night
> hours I have to run logrotate "by day". Don't want to study
> anacron... 

Mind if I ask why?  Much of the default RedHat setup (and 
linux/unix in general) seems to assume that the machine will run 
continuously.  And linux generally hums right along until the power 
or the hardware fails.

> > I'm not sure what the deal is with samba 2.0.x; my 1.9.18 setup 
> > works fine with the HUP signal and logrotate.  Maybe you should try
> > 2.0.4b (or the latest snapshot).  Isn't bleeding on the edge fun?

> I have 2.0.4b and pre2.0.5.
> Are you sayng that you can:
> 1) move the log.smb file elsewhere
> 2) killall -1 smbd 
> and it recreates a new log.smb?
> Does it recreate it at once or after smbd serves a file?

What I'm saying is I have no idea what actually happens ;-)  
Seriously, it looks like I made the same change you made, ie, I 
replaced endrotate with endscript, and the logs are correctly 
rotated/compressed.  The log.smb and log.client entries send the 
HUP signal to smb, while the entry for log.nmb sends the signal to 
nmb.  They all look like this:

/var/log/samba/log.smb {
        /usr/bin/killall -HUP smbd

It looks like the new log file is created by logrotate.  Anymore I 
can do to confuse you, just let me know ;)

> >As far as open files and samba restarts, feel free to test it (and 
> >let us know what happens).
> Please... I already have the oplock_break problem... :-)  it reappeared
> yesterday after a "clean" week :-(

Yeah, sorry about that.  I won't be able to test any of this until 
my NICs arrive, and I punch one more hole through the wall in the 
master bedroom.  I wonder if the next tenants will want their own 


Stephen L Arnold                      http://www.rain.org/~sarnold
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