Virus checking

David Perron drperron at
Fri Jul 9 23:42:22 GMT 1999

We are using samba to give our NT users access to our UNIX servers (running
Solaris 2.5.1) and to give our UNIX users, using Wincenter, access to their
UNIX directories.

We want to be able to run a virus checker (Network Associates VirusScan)
from a NT 4.0 workstation and have it check the samba (UNIX directories).

Since we want to centralize this activity, I want to be"root" on the users
UNIX workstation.  I created a samba entry for the directory and set
users=root.  From the NT workstation, I map the network drive and connect as

I can scan the directory but it will not let me "clean" the users file
unless I have write access to other  eg  chmod o+w.

If I create a file on the users directory, the resultant file is owned by
root with a group of other.

Any ideas.

David Perron
Nepean, ON, Canada

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