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Why not run the Unix version of McAfee on the Unix stations?

> We are using samba to give our NT users access to our UNIX servers (running
> Solaris 2.5.1) and to give our UNIX users, using Wincenter, access to their
> UNIX directories.
> We want to be able to run a virus checker (Network Associates VirusScan)
> from a NT 4.0 workstation and have it check the samba (UNIX directories).
> Since we want to centralize this activity, I want to be"root" on the users
> UNIX workstation.  I created a samba entry for the directory and set
> users=root.  From the NT workstation, I map the network drive and connect as
> root.
> I can scan the directory but it will not let me "clean" the users file
> unless I have write access to other  eg  chmod o+w.
> If I create a file on the users directory, the resultant file is owned by
> root with a group of other.
> Any ideas.
> David Perron
> Nepean, ON, Canada

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