swat setup

Charles A. Peters cpeters2 at home.com
Sat Jul 10 18:28:31 GMT 1999

I am currently useing freebsd 2.2.7 to seu up a gateway,file server, samba
server.  I only want access from my local lan (192.168.0.nnn).  The server
is also dual hommed (2 nics for internet access for my local lan via a cable
modem).  I do not want the world to have access to my samba server.  I also
have a novell 3.12 server that I do not want the world to have access to.

I have tried several times to get the samba server up and running, and I
think that I have do that successfully, but I can not see the sambe server
from my win98 box.

Any suggestions?

Also, how do I get swat installed and configured, I have KDE running.

Thanks in advance!


cpeters2 at home.com

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