RedHat 6.0/Samba Server multi-user database locking problem

John MacKenzie jmackenz at
Sun Jul 11 00:00:26 GMT 1999

Dear Samba,
I have a small network of 5 workstations running on Windows98, which use 2
multi-user database programs - one based on MS Access whilst the other is
based on Borland's FoxPro/DBase.  When the datafiles for these programs were
kept on a Win98 "server", there were frequent program crashes and database
On recently installing a Linux RedHat 6.0/Samba Server, I was delighted with
the faster file service and the eradication of program crashes and database
corruptions.  However, I could no longer open the datafiles simultaneously
on the workstations - the message "this file is already in use" appeared.
1.  Is this a glibc2.1 bug causing 64 bit locking problems for multi-user
2.  Does your samba-2.0.4b rpm resolve the problem?
3.  The rpm has been downloaded onto a floppy disk.  How is the rpm now
installed onto the Samba Server?
John Mackenzie
59 Mather Road, Mt Eliza, Vic.
Tel: 03 9775 2041
email:  jmackenz at

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