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Sat Jul 10 18:43:09 GMT 1999

On 10 Jul 99, Pedro Brandao <pbrandao.spam at> had questions 
about Sharing in another network:  

> I'm trying to share a machine that's on the other side of a gateway.
> The machine being shared is a Linux (kernel 2.2.1 (RedHat 5.2) and samba
> 2.0.3), and the box trying to access it is NT4.0 with SP5. It looks
> something like this
> -------           ---------          ------
> |Linux|-----------|Gateway|----------| NT |
> -------           ---------          ------
> (linBox)     (ntBox)
>                    (gate)
> The gateway routes the packets between the two (runs Linux RedHat
> (kernel 2.2.1)).

Which ports are you forwarding?


> If I try on NT to
>     net use * \\\userShare
> I get error 53 (The network path was not found), the same thing if I
> map the drive.

What happens when you try this:

   net use * \\linBox\userShare

Does it resolve, or timeout?

> I've tryed to add linBox to a wins server, to the lmhosts on ntBox,
> no results. If I use a network address that the boxes have (say
> 192.168.28. ), it works fine.

Can you explain what you mean here?

Thanks, Steve

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