Browsing only works when in Samba workgroup

Stephen L Arnold sarnold at
Sat Jul 10 08:09:14 GMT 1999

On 10 Jul 99, Robert Franklin <r.c.franklin at> had 
questions about Browsing only works when in Samba workgroup:  

> I don't have either of these set at all.  Here's some more info to 
> clarify what I'm up to:
>                     Samba <server>
>                            |
>             ----------------------------- subnet 1
>                 |
>              Router
>                 |
>       -------------------- subnet 2
>            |
>      Win95 <client>

> I don't think I can use 'remote browse (announce|sync)' because I don't
> know the addresses of the browse masters on the other subnets to sync
> with.

I believe you can remote announce to either a specific address, ie, 
another samba box, or the entire subnet.

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