Samba Auto-Install Printers Limitation

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Jul 9 22:49:52 GMT 1999

Hight, Steve - SBS wrote:
> It looks to me that Samba can only autoinstall 
> print drivers for 95/98, not NT workstations?
> I have about a 70/30 mix of NT and 95 clients, and 
> if I am to use Samba for printing I need to have 
> it auto install drivers for 95 or NT.
> Am I missing something or is this just a 
> limitation of Samba?

NT and 9x use different methods for implementing this.  The 
code for supporting driver installation on NT has been 
implemented in the HEAD branch and is being debugged now.
Expect in 2.1 (no time frame right now).

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