oplock problem

Stephen L Arnold sarnold at coyote.rain.org
Sat Jul 10 18:43:09 GMT 1999

Johann Zuschlag wrote:

> That seems logical for me since caching is switched off if
> several clients access one, e.g. database, file. The funny thing
> is that since a database client software update we got oplock
> breaks. Switching oplocks off fixed the problem. I guess the
> WIN95/98 clients aren't behaving well. And finally, if one
> machine crashes you  lose the cached data leaving you with an
> inconsistent database. 

I forgot; is your samba setup running on linux, or what?  If so, is 
there any reason you can't use MySQL or PostgreSQL?  I know you can 
massage access files into SQL tables; you should be able to do it 
with other file formats as well.  Then you can use ODBC clients on 
windoze (or a web front end, or JDBC, etc).  This kind of setup is 
much better in terms of speed, security, data integrity, 
scalability, and most other ity's.  And the cool perl, php, java, 
and other development tools are all free on linux.  What more could 
you ask for?  Just add water, makes its own sauce!

The web browser client to MySQL, via php/HTML using apache with the 
php module, is a very clean and open solution IMHO (and high 
performance to boot).  Your client can be anything that can run a 
web browser.  You get the source code to everything, and you're not 
tied to any lame-ass vendors either.

Sorry for going off-topic (I couldn't help it ;)  I'm trying to 
convince my management now that the above is the way to go (as 
opposed to an access database shared out from a windoze client), 
and I'm not having much luck.  I'm trying to research some 
comparisons now, but so far I've just found a bunch of marketing 
hype and tutorials and stuff.  If anyone has any pointers, please 
mail me.  Thanks in advance,


Steve Arnold  CLE (Certifiable Linux Evangelist)

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